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20Pcs Colourful LED Glow Sticks

20Pcs Colourful LED Glow Sticks

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Add some sparkle to your next party with our LED glow sticks!

These vibrant and colorful rods will light up the room and create a fun and festive atmosphere. They are easy to use and provide hours of entertainment. Get your set today and make your next party one to remember!

Product Details

Product: LED light stick
Material: foam + electronic components
Size: 46*4cm
Package includes: 20Pcs (with 2 coin cells/pcs)
Lighting time: 8-10 hours (from bright to dark)


1. Combining green, red and blue 3-colour LED chipsets, the flickering frequency can be changed slightly, flickering lightly, the colours are bright and colourful, and it is very beautiful
2. Three lighting modes, fast flash, slow flash, breathing flash (switch adjustment)
3. Contains 3 high-brightness LED lights, using 2 button batteries as the power source, can continue to emit light for more than 10 hours, the electronics can be replaced, and the cost performance is very high
4. Remove the protective insulating sheet at the bottom of the sponge stick, and push down the switch to light up. The LED light in the rod emits evenly through the sponge body,
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